You can click the installation link below to install the support for Kerberos (aka Negotiate) support to your browser. The extenstion available via this link provides support for the Linux/i386 platform and is staticaly built with krb5 libraries (got from the Heimdal implementation). It works with Mozilla-1.5, Mozilla-1.6a, Firebird-0.7. However, these releases do not support well multiple authentication methods sent by the www server. This problem has been fixed in Mozilla-1.6 though.


If you need support for another platfrom than Linux/i386, you have to build your own version of the extension. To build the extension you need gecko-sdk, if not available in binary form you will have to build the whole mozilla package. The gecko-sdk package is created as part of the building proces.

When you have gecko-sdk for your platform ready, download source of the extension and use the configure script followed by make to build the extension. You will need krb5 libraries on your system available. After you compile the extension, it can be used with any available binary distribution of Mozilla or FireBird. It is sufficient to copy the extension to the components subdirectory in the Mozilla/FireBird tree and run ./ ./regxpcom from the root of the Mozilla installation directory.

The negotiateauth project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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